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Norbertine History

This exhibit contains photos and metadata concerning the history of the Norbertine Order. In the year 1120, Norbert was called to the city of Laon, France by Bishop Bartholomew. He was called to 'reawaken' the Canons of St. Martin's church, but was unsuccessful. The Bishop knew that Norbert was meant to do great things within the church and asked him to remain in Laon. Norbert agreed, and on Chirstmas Day in 1120, Norbert inaugurated the Canons Regular of Prémontré, an Order also called Premonstratensians - or more simply Norbertines.

The Norbertine Order swore to follow Christ By means of community living, poverty obedience, celibacy and a dedication to the active priestly ministry. As a Rule, Norbert chose the St. Augustine rule that was common among Canons at the time. Norbert believed his order required an ascetic and contemplative haven in which to live, worship, and practice its discipline, and thus instilled the concept of the Abbey.

The beliefs, practices, and mindset of community living and respect for all are the very idealogies upon which St. Norbert College (and the surrounding community) was build and continues to prosper.

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History of St. Norbert College

The photos and information displayed in these sections give insight to the history of St. Norbert College, from its humble begginings in 1898 to its present-day institution. St. Norbert College was founded by Father Bernard Pennings, (later Abbot Pennings) and was created as a religious college for young priests. Construction and expansion have not ceased since, and the college grew into the Wisconsin community since its founding.

In 1952, the College opened up its enrollment to both males and females. This was similar to what most colleges in the country were doing or had already previously done. Enrollment plummeted during WWII as young men, students and teachers alike, were drafted and enlisted into active duty. When the War was ended, women had risen to the roles that men alone used to hold, and Co-Ed enrollment sky-rocketed.

Since then, the College continues to grow, expand, and prosper within the community, while still retaining its strong sense of 'communio' and Norbertine discipline on which it was founded.

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World History

A brief history of global events that had an influence on the church, the Norbertine Order, the College, the students, or the St. Norbert Community in any way

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About This Project

 Information about the project, the process, the photos, and the people involved