This collection of exhibits, photos, and other items is intended as an interactive guide that not only displays historical Norbertine and St. Norbert College photos and provides key historical dates, but also gives insight to global events and changes that may have had an effect on Norbertine History.

Several exhibit sections are also are provided, including staff/faculty and student life throughout St. Norbert College, church history, and a brief history on the life of Norbert of Xanten.

A timeline (created with tiki-toki) is also provided to strengthen the concept of how environments and world-happenings affects much of the decisions and norms that make up Norbertine/St. Norbert College history. The user can now go directly to an event on the timeline and see other events, local and global, that surrounded that specific date. This may aid scholars and students in determining why decisions and changes were made, and also help them obtain a clearer picture of what is seen in the historical photographs provided.

Recently Added Items

Martin Luther leads the Protestant Reformation


Martin Luther posts his 95 theses regarding the corruption within the Catholic Church. Luther and his followers objected to the rules and rituals…

Cheerleaders in 1954

cheerleaders 1954.jpg

St. Norbert College opened up for public coed enrollment in 1952. Women played an active roll on campus, and war accustomed to working during WWII.

Class of 1929

class of 1929.jpg

Class of 1929. St. Norbert is an all-male college until 1952. Enrollment increased after WWI, but decreased during WWII as young men began to be…